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 About Spencer

Strange and unusual


Spencer Meyers is Tampa- Florida native artist, actor  writer and designer was born into a family of artists. Spencer has shown continuously within the bay area and has pieces all throughout the county. Always considering himself, "strange and unusual", delighting in an odd, fashionable and low brow style with his work. 
"I'm always growing, I have to. Life should always shape who we are as artists. I'm, everchanging and evolving. I used to say that I paint the dark so that I don't have to live in it. I suppose that's still true. However, I view the dark as just a shadow from the surrounding light- it is apart of what makes us, us."- Spencer 
"You paint those of us in the underworld, and you see our beauty. You make us beautiful, and we thank you."- one of the highest compliments I've received.

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